Traveling- Nessebar and Sunny Beach, Bulgaria

Hello everyone!

This summer (2015) I was able to once more go to Bulgaria. I decided to give more information regarding where I stayed during my holiday. The hotel is named Nessebar Royal Palace and this was my 5th time staying there due to their high quality services, their amazing location and clean rooms. Sadly I do not have any photos of the place but I promise you next time I’m there I will be posting photos of the actual hotel, the room and the restaurant.

Moving on to the shoots I was able to take during my stay there, I was lucky enough to be allowed to take photos of a man who made wood sculptures as souvenirs. His small outdoors shop was located close to my hotel and every time I would go somewhere I’d see him working on his products, smiling at people and sipping from his jug of beer.


DSC_0252 DSC_0250

Next on my list of ‘to visit’ is a shop that is really dear to me, a shop that I always go to every year I am in Nessebar. This shop is located in the park area. The shop sells mostly clothes and accessories of oriental style, but you can also find scent holders, candles, tiny statues and other house decorations so be sure not to miss it from your to visit list!




The photos below were taken in Old Nessebar, Bulgaria and I have to mention- it is one beautiful town, and probably the perfect holiday destination. As it is a sight protected by law, you cannot spot any modern architecture anywhere, thing which makes the place keep its urban virginity. I have been spending most of my summer vacation there, enjoying every ray of sunshine, ice cold drinks and the Black Sea’s scent.

Nessebar, Bulgaria 2012



This may sound creepy but one of my favorite past time while I lurked around the dark streets of Nessebar, when the only lights you could see were either the restaurants or the locals’ houses, was to look through the dirty windows of restaurants’ kitchens. It makes me smile only when I remember how much those people work, how much fun they have despite their work, despite having to stay alert for any order they may get.

DSC_0399 DSC_0396

I was walking around the center of Nessebar around midnight and there were around ten kittens playing near a handmade jewelry shop. I managed to take quite a few nice shots, despite the poor light source.


Nessebar, Cat 01 Nessebar, Cat 02 Nessebar, Cat 03 Nessebar, Cat 04
In 2013 I spent most of my summer vacation in Sunny Beach. Despite the crazy mixture of music, the wave of laughter and loud voices and the flashy lights coming from the clubs, shops and fun fairs, there is a corner in Sunny Beach in which artists of all ages gather up and showcase their visual art skills. I like spending time there- I feel like their work and the way the passersby stop to watch them work blurs out the crowded atmosphere and brings a bit of peace to busy Sunny Beach.

Sunny Beach, Artist 02


Sunny Beach, Artist 02



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