Event – Comic Con, London

Hello everyone, last week I have attended the London Comic Con. Sadly I could only enjoy the event for one day and during my time there I have been quite busy but I managed to take a few photos of some of the amazing cosplayers that were walking around showing their costumes.

I would like to talk a bit about the art of cosplaying before showing you all the photos.

For any of you who are not familiar with the term of cosplay – cosplay is the art or practice of wearing costumes in order to portray from fiction especially manga, animation and sci-fi. I personally have friends that are engaged into this form of art and they all spend an amazingly long time working on their costumes and to be honest, I hardly ever see so much devotion, work and money for a result that will only be shinning in the eyes of everyone else at most for a week. But they all say it is worth it.

As mentioned above, while I was not able to take photos of all the cosplayers around, I was able to capture some amazing costumes and I will be sure to have a talk with each of them regarding the work they put in their characters next time I will be at an exposition like this.

If any of you would be interested in the world of cosplay, I believe www.cosplay.com would be a good place to start integrating in this community and find out more about it. Their forum is a great way of getting in touch with more experienced people in the domain while their events section can help one find out about local expos such as Comic Con and their shop will help people with getting the materials they need.


I will try and provide information regarding each photos. The first set shows three lovely cosplayers I found inside the expo. While I do not know the names of their characters, their costumes were amazing, their poses were attracting visitors of all age – from children seeing them as fairies and princesses to older people that were mesmerized by the fine details on their dresses.

UPDATE: I was informed that those three lovely characters were part of Cinderella. That does make sense!

DSC_9843 DSC_9845 DSC_9847

What attracted me greatly at the next cosplayer were the fine details on this person’s costumes. I could only ask myself how much time and effort did it take for the mask, the hat and his clothes to be made. Once again, sadly, I do not know then name of his character so if you have any information regarding his cosplay please let me know through a personal message or comment.

DSC_9848 DSC_9850

The next cosplay is from Yoshino Date a Live and I think she pulled out a pretty good Yoshino. I could not help myself but add a cosplay-anime comparison as I loved the work put into this costume. Yoshino Date a Live

DSC_9864 DSC_9866

This pair is part of the Resident Evil; Umbrella Corporation cosplay group. The reason why those two got my attention was their attitude towards people taking photos with them. They were silent as statues but extremly dynamic, their posing reminding me of well-known riots, which is a good point regarding the fact they were cosplaying soldiers of private military institution from Resident Evil. The details on their costumes along with the shield, which I have to mention, it was scratched, giving it a more realistic look, were truly an eye-candy for any geek.

DSC_9873 DSC_9877

Although I am a huge League of Legends fan, I did not see many game cosplays that particularly grabbed my attention, but this Ravenborn Le Blanc cosplayer definitely made heads turn around.


This next duo made me smile so much – although each of them were from different animations, anyone could see their friendship with the naked eye. Both of them had lovely costumes and the right attitude for the characters they were cosplaying. While everyone could point their fingers at the crazy squirrel from Ice Age, even myself needed a minute or two in remembering Blair, the cat witch from Soul Eater. Nonetheless, I loved both cosplays and the girls were lovely to work with from photography point of view.

DSC_9883 DSC_9884 DSC_9886

I personally love when families with young children cosplay. Two years ago I was at Telford Comic Con, U.K. and I saw a family cosplaying the family from Brave, thing which made me smile the whole day.

DSC_9888 DSC_9890 DSC_9889

Although I do not know the name of the characters, the next pair is probably one of my favorites as you can see the way they focused on the details of the costumes.

UPDATE: The two characters are Captain Maggots (orange hair) and Emily Autumn (red-ish hair). Thanks to everyone who helped me find out the names of the characters! 🙂

DSC_9896 DSC_9897 DSC_9899 DSC_9900 DSC_9901 DSC_9903 DSC_9904

And not to mention the lovely Peach looking for her plumber savior!

DSC_9906 DSC_9908

Overall the experience was amazing and I recommend those sort of conventions to everyone who is into either gaming or anime or just fiction as there is always a place for everything and everyone. 🙂

DSC_9913 DSC_9921


5 thoughts on “Event – Comic Con, London

  1. The characters you don’t know the names of are Captain Maggots and Emily Autumn. Their American performers and talented singers 🙂


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